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Welcome to The

Northwest Hoop Gathering 2011

Bend, OR


We are so excited that you are a part of it. Our goal is to have this be an all levels hoopdance training intensive, loaded with some of the most spectacular instructors in the nation. It is also intended to be a place where you can plant seeds that will grow with you for life, both inside and outside of your hoop. We hope that this event will be very much in the spirit of the community as a whole, and that there will be threads of wisdom for each and every individual, that will sew us all together as one.

This is a three day event. The approximate hours (note, in the spirit of flexibility that could make the event even dreamier, this could change a bit here and there) will be Friday from 4pm to 11pm. Saturday from 10am to 6pm and then again in the evening from 8-2am for a tour of talent show (anyone invited to participate) and a dance party. Sunday 12-6pm. Lunch is included on Saturday. On friday, try to eat before you come and bring snacks. There will be a short intermission between workshops.

This year's event is much more intimate than when we hosted it in 2009. It is in a very cool new venue, located close to everything. With only 50 tickets being released, it will give us a much closer presenter to student ratio compared to the 120 tickets sold in 2009. Also, as requested, there will be a bit more down time to shop some of the fabulous vendors, and to get to know people you haven't met before, and to chill.

For those attendees coming in from out of the area who might want to rent a vacation rental we reccomend www.lavabelles.com or if you are looking for an affordable hotel please email mollie@hoopdazzle.com . There are also several local hoopers who would love to share their homes with you for no charge.

The venue is called the Century Center, located at 70 SW Century Drive Bend, OR 97702 (click here for directions) for those of you who wish to put it into your GPS. It's next to several restaurants, and a grocery store, and the schwankiest coffee shop in town. It's only a short drive from downtown Bend. It's easiest to fly into the Bend/Redmond (RDM) airport only 25 minutes from town.

If you have specific questions, email NWHGbend@gmail.com. Or call 541-408-6033. Please allow 24 hours for me to return your message.


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